Adolescent Pornography Addiction

The rise in technology over the last few years has given children access to inappropriate content. When children accidentally stumble upon pornography on the internet, parents must intervene. Porn addiction is a behavioral addiction characterized by an ever-increasing compulsion to view pornographic material, and the potentially associated social, legal and ethical issues are an understandable source of worry for parents in Bucks County, PA. With the proliferation of the internet, social media, and smartphones, pornography has become available anywhere and at any time – making it easier than ever for teens to consume it while leaving little or no evidence behind.

Our Approach

Because of the feelings of shame and denial that can be involved with porn addiction, treatment is a delicate process that may or may not intimately involve the family. Like a drug addiction, pornography addiction often involves strong urges, secrecy, hostility in response to suggestions that they cease using porn, and the disruption of everyday activities such as work and school. Our therapists will work with your adolescent/teen to come to terms with his or her addiction, discover any underlying reasons for it, and redirect his or her time and energy into more productive activities. 

We understand this can be shocking for parents to uncover that their adolescent has been involved in this behavior.  Shame can be very damaging, but oftentimes it is the natural response to finding that your adolescent/teen has been partaking in this behavior.  If that is the case, we can help undo the shame and work with you as a family to alleviate the separation in the relationships occurring from Shame as your response.  Parents are overwhelmed and are not sure where to turn when addiction to pornography has been exposed.

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