Adolescent Therapy, Bucks County, Pa.

Too many teens and adolescents in Bucks County, PA suffer from mental health issues, some mild to moderate cases of anxiety and depression, and other more severe issues  that create high-risk and self-destructive behaviors. We have made it our mission to find and address the root causes of those problems. We treat people from ages 10 on up who are feeling the effects of adolescent depression, anxiety, school anxiety, eating disorders, pornography addiction, video gaming addiction, trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, and homeschooling issues.. Through our clinical expertise, we empower teenagers to be their best selves and heal together with their families.

In the course of adolescent development, teens go through natural changes in their moods, manner of thinking, and behavior patterns – changes that can imprint themselves for the long term, good or bad. At Welsh Therapy, it’s our goal to nurture positive thoughts and behaviors in every adolescent in our care. However, during these times of growth, it can be difficult for families to understand their adolescents’ behavior even while seeing how it interferes with his or her happiness and social connections. If you’re questioning whether the problems your adolescents are facing fit within the range of normal development, consult with a mental health practitioner who has the training and experience of working with families of adolescents.

Our Approach

Our qualified mental health professionals begin with initial assessments to help define what problems need attention as well as the optimal course of treatment. Parents and caregivers are involved with this step of the process. Following the initial assessment, we discuss the prognosis and course of treatment with the family, focusing on the goals of therapy – whether it’s emotional support, conflict resolution, improved problem-solving, breaking unhealthy patterns, or whatever else the patient needs. There are many credible and evidence-based mental health therapy approaches that can be used in treating children and teens, including but not limited to: Cognitive-Behavioral; Interpersonal, Family-Systems, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), Client-Centered, Group, Play, Psychoanalytic, and Milieu. Psychotherapy may involve an adolescent, a family, or multiple families. Our methods with teens/adolescents may teaching coping concepts, writing, and working on DBT skills to support the path of sharing feelings and resolving problems. Our therapy environment promotes and supports a level of trust that can make it easier for adolescents/teens to express themselves and become willing to utilize therapy as a helpful tool.

Call our offices today to set up an appointment with a therapist if your child or adolescent may be able to benefit from the help of an experienced therapist.