Breast Cancer Counseling Bucks County

For more than 30 years, Welsh Therapy & Associates has been helping people in Bucks County, PA cope with their breast cancer experience – as early as the first possibility of a diagnosis and continuing for as long as is necessary. Finding out that you have breast cancer can make you feel overwhelmed and vulnerable. This is a stressful time that involves suddenly having to learn about complex medical treatments and numerous doctors while attempting to choose the best ones for your situation.

It’s common for breast cancer sufferers to experience anxiety. Our human fear of death and disfigurement is powerful, and all the waiting can be an incredible stressor. Even hearing the phone ring can spark anxiety with the accompanying expectation of bad news. Meanwhile, you may feel profoundly alone in the world. After all, you are the only one who has to live in this mind and body with cancer. It is natural to believe that even your closest loved ones cannot understand what this diagnosis feels like.

Our Approach

Whether during face-to-face visits or by phone, our mental health professionals provide support to individuals who are:

  • Facing a breast cancer diagnosis, recurrence, or advanced-stage illness
  • Considering or have had a lumpectomy, mastectomy, or breast reconstruction
  • Undergoing or recovering from treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation

Ellen Cuthrell, our Breast Cancer Doula and Life Coach, has been through this journey and come out the other side vibrant, healthy, and fully present in life today. She is here to nurture you through this process from start to finish — whether it’s offering comfort, talking through your fears with you and your family, creating a support plan when you’re in surgery or on chemo, or hearing your children’s concerns. Ellen will set up a team in your home to make sure your needs are met and you don’t feel alone in this process.

Ellen creates an empathic, warm, and nurturing environment where you can share your greatest fears and your deepest sorrows. She will be with you every step of the way.

Our mental health professionals are specially trained to help people diagnosed with breast cancer by providing support and understanding as well as an opportunity for emotional grounding and informed decision making. Just as importantly, our staff offers the hope we’ve gained from watching numerous women defeat breast cancer over the last 30 years.

Call our offices today to set up an appointment with a therapist if you or a loved one are struggling to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment or aftermath.