CONNIE GUERIN, Holistic Health Coach, M.A


Connie holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology.  Connie is also a Certified Health Coach from Hippocrates Health Institute.  Among Connie’s areas of expertise are parental alienation, narcissistic relationships, narcissist/empath relationships, and borderline daughters.  Connie also works with depression, anxiety, and addictions.   Connie collaborates with other holistic and medical modalities to encourage the healing process on many levels. Connie can work just a therapist….just as a holistic health coach or clients can combine the two in their work with her.   Connie brings the technique of Mindfulness Meditation as an adjunct to her work with clients if they desire.  Connie brings a strong, sturdy, and warm stance to her work.  She is open to working with family members, spouses and children to help support the client in their healing.

Connie’s Specialties Include:
-Therapy for Narcissistic/Empath Relationships
-Therapy for Parents of Children with Borderline Personality Disorder
-Therapy for Depression
-Therapy for Addictions
-Therapy for Anxiety