Postpartum Depression Bucks County, Pa.

Women struggling with Postpartum Depression in Bucks County, PA are overwhelmed. New mothers often need mothering themselves – the very same tender love and care they are giving to their newborn. They may feel exhausted or lonely, and they can be saturated with feelings of depression, guilt, anger and despair. Their hormones are out of balance, their sleep is off, their diets aren’t balanced, and their brain chemistry can be affected. However, support and treatment is available to help women deal with postpartum depression.

Our Approach

Women with postpartum depression need help and attention, so we make sure to meet with them as frequently as necessary to make sure they have access to the level of care they need. If necessary, coaches or therapists may make house calls to help moms get up and out of bed. 

The goal is for the new mom to find balance and become comfortable with her new normal – life with a newborn. As part of that, we help women assess their support teams and determine what they need in addition to what they already have in place. We may also meet with the spouse and/or extended family to ensure that they understand their roles and can contribute to caring for the new mother and her infant.

Call our offices today to set up an appointment with a therapist if you or a loved one are struggling with postpartum depression.